Not Scott Free…

08.12.2022 at 11:38 AM

Well I got the hotel for the trip out booked, left it alone for a few days, then suggested he book a specific hotel for my trip back…… oh wait – he has a problem with the date… doesn’t want her to miss so much school….
I straight up said no – this is potentially the last time she gets to see her grandparents and that is more important….
But she was standing right there so I just said “them” not “her grandparents”.

Then a few days later my dad sent out a video their realtor has made with a drone flying over their property. (the house has not been listed yet and won’t be until my grandmother has passed). I had not seen this email yet when I got home but he had and asked me if they were moving and I said yes. So maybe now he gets it…

So we’ll see…

But seriously – it’s the first few days of grade two – nothing ground shattering…… family first – but he really doesn’t get that – he does his own opinion first and other people’s opinions don’t matter.

Besides – once we know who her teacher will be I can contact them and explain the situation and ask what topics they will be focusing on in that first week and work on them with her myself….. sooo not a big deal. He just wants to disagree about everything I say or do and I just want to get away from it. Even if it’s only for 2 weeks. She can do her vide chats with him each morning while I’m in the shower and I can really minimize my contact.

So anyway, I went ahead and reserved the hotel for the return trip on the day I want. Also the same room one day earlier just in case (they are free cancellation until about 36 hours before the stay). And just to be safe, in case he gets himself into a manipulative frenzy, I went ahead and reserved the hotel for the date I want on the way out too. I would not put it past him to try to control the situation by cancelling my hotel and trying to make it harder for me to take her on our special trip. Although, he’s such a cheapskate if he thought I might still go anyway he probably wouldn’t risk me paying more and going anyway versus the cheaper room he booked ahead.

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