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08.04.2022 at 4:34 PM

So I had a bit of a panic in my head this morning, but a little snooping and thinking about the details and all is resolved… for now

So, since things are not great at home, and I was able to finagle a full two weeks off from work, that is enough time to go see my parents. But seriously, I need a break from the daily criticism, picking and nagging and so I decided that I should take her to my parents for a visit, see my childhood haunts and I really just don’t want him to come.

So a I mentioned in a previous post I was able to tell him I wanted to have special time with her, got over the hurtles of “yes gas is expensive” and “no I don’t want to go anywhere near an airport” to the “please will you book the hotel for me in your account” and the threat of I’d do it myself before I got a verbal confirmation from him that he’d actually booked it but couldn’t be bothered to share that information with me. Urg.
OK so since he had not shared the email confirmation with me, I took a look in his email to make sure it was the dates I wanted, and then thought maybe I should check that he registered it as 2 people staying, not 3, because it would not be unlike him to force himself into this trip. Because he is very much a dog-in-the-manger. He does not like my family or want to visit my family, but he doesn’t want me to have a vacation if he’s not having a vacation (he doesn’t work and certainly is not earning his keep most days as the ”homemaker” description he fills in on parental information forms for her.

Then I panicked – the reservation stated for 2 adults…
ACK! Do I dare ask him why? Then he’ll know I was snooping in his email to find my reservation details… do I ask him to send me a copy (and then would rightfully have access to the reservation details )knowing he’ll probably just say why do you need it, the planned trip is not for 3 more weeks…do I just not say anything and hope he’s not planning on coming and just forgot to update his standard settings in the app from what it used to be(we haven’t used it much since here and most things he has booked during her life have been for my annual girls trip with a friend) so just leave it alone…. And hope… but then it dawned on me, the reservation was for a room with 1 queen bed. There is no way in the world if he was planning on horning in on my mother-daughter trip that he would get a room with only one bed.

Phew… I think
This is what my life has become – trying to find information about my own life while trying to make sure I don’t poke the bear…

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