Another 100 things

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004 at 1:43 P.M.

In case you missed my original list of
100 things about me

And just to prove to a certain someone that it’s not as hard as she thinks I’m going to add this 2nd installment…maybe it will get her thinking :)

Once again this is probably more fun for me than for you...but oh well....

1) I buy lots of things I don’t need

2) I have had 2 hermit crabs at my desk for a month (Mortimer and Penelope)

3) I think of myself as a writer, but I’ve never actually finished writing anything that wasn’t for school

4) Out of the 4 girls in my family I am the only one still single and childless—and that does make me sad

5) I like fine point pens

6) I don’t like flowers that are “fluttery” (pansies, petunias, sweet peas, morning glory, nasturtiums, YUK) I go more for the smooth lines like tulips and calla lilies

7) I called my cat “utility cat” for a long time since I got her not for me, but as a playmate for the cat I already had

8) I am quitting smoking, but I allow myself frequent setbacks

9) I like to do little things for the people that have wormed their way into my heart

10) I wear skirts a lot

11) I have enough clothes that I can go TWO MONTHS without doing laundry

12) I like to make dolls of myself (of course, I’m nowhere near this thin…but it’s a doll, I can make it perfect!)

13) I have 3 tattoos but you will only 2 because the 3rd one is covering the 2nd one

14) I have 4 nieces and 4 nephews

15) I DO compulsively check my stats on here

16) I have no middle name

17) My parents thought I was going to be a boy and they were planning on naming me Mark or Matthew

18) I like to take pictures of old falling down wooden buildings and rusty things

19) Parasite Pals are my new little obsession

20) I drink more than 3 liters of water almost every day

21) At the rate I’m going my Associate’s degree is going to take a full 6 years to complete

22) I used to smash open muscle shells with rocks so I could find the little pearls inside

23) I am the Queen of procrastinators

24) The first time I ever got pulled over I was wearing a PJ top and bathrobe.

25) I’ve finally started selling stuff on eBay

26) I really like Sark from Alias, but was so disappointed when they revealed that his first name is Julian…he’s a villain for heaven’s sake!

27) I average about 1 entry per day on here…some days more, some days none, but I’ve been on here about 10 months and have about 300 entries…so you do the math

28) My 2 best friends have their birthdays this month

29) I usually try to make most of my Christmas presents….this year it’s eBay to the rescue

30) If money was not a consideration when it came to careers I would be a daycare teacher- and if you told me that 15 years ago I would have told you that you were nuts

31) We always had a “corn fort” in the corn patch when I was growing up.

32) We used to have major rotten vegetable fights on the day when mom made us help clean up the garden in the fall. (Zucchinis are great clubs)

33) I had to have a lump removed from under my arm, but it turned out to be nothing to worry about

34) I have a green streak in my hair

35) I love discount racks

36) I took trampoline lessons for a year with my brother and sister

37) My mom always said she was glad I was a girl when I was a toddler because when at the beach I would just charge into the water and she would grab me by the bathing suit straps to keep me from drowning

38) I was gaga over Michael Jackson when I was in the 4th and 5th grades

39) I think quilling is cool but I don’t have the patience for it

40) I don’t have very good balance

41) I’m definitely an ocean person

42) I can’t work without music

43) I like to peruse the discount aisles at Barnes & Noble

44) I usually have entertaining dreams

45) When I was a kid I wanted to die just so I could see what it was like.

46) I ate a hotdog at Yankee Stadium, just so I could say I’d eaten a hotdog at Yankee Stadium

47) My computer at work makes the sound of Darth Vader breathing every time I get an email.

48) Sometimes I just refuse to answer the phone

49) I love the little snack cheese and crackers with the little red stick for spreading the cheese

50) When I was a kid I wished my parents would get divorced

51) I don’t like snakes

52) It takes me a while to trust someone

53) I refuse to shop the day after Thanksgiving

54) I made 4 blankets this weekend

55) When I’m feeling down I like to go to the $2 fabric store

56) I love Oreo ice cream on top of fresh hot brownies

57) I don’t wear gold jewelry

58) I planted over 100 bulbs this fall

59) I am beginning to learn sign language…from a 2 year old

60) I like my steak medium rare

61) My cat sleeps on my butt

62) I’m not big into Christmas

63) I have about 2900 music tracks loaded on my computer at work.

64) I don’t have any wisdom teeth left

65) My sister and I both have a birthmark on the same place on our shoulder

66) I love Pillsbury which chocolate and macadamia nut cookies

67) I get a pinch in my neck when I spend too much time on my couch

68) My friend BrittaBear taught be how to “crack eggs” I’m still not as good as she is though

69) I decided that if I’m not married or engaged by 40 I’m buying myself a big-ass ring

70) I failed my first year of swinging lessons because I wouldn’t get in the cold water

71) My fridge gets pretty empty but I ALWAYS have green olives in it

72) I like blue cheese

73) I always use whitening toothpaste

74) My skin has “issues”

75) I have traveled more in the past 4 months than my whole life up to that point

76) I used to spend hours organizing a box of paint swatch cards on my bedroom floor

77) My sister had a pet yam in her college dorm…they called him Yammy

78) I used to always be at one friend’s place or another but now I’m a homebody

79) I was in the yoyo club in high school

80) I have the smallest feet in my family

81) Since moving here I have lost a large part of my sense of smell (I think it’s the dry air)

82) I put my clothes in the dryer to de-wrinkle before I get in the shower in the morning

83) I have played 3 different musical instruments but never got good at any, and can play none now

84) I have a regular paper journal that I write in as well as my blog here

85) I like to rearrange furniture

86) I have always been really good at getting really high on the swings. We used to have races to see who could get the highest the fastest and I was champion

87) I love email, I’m addicted

88) I still love to get snail mail too

89) As a kid I had a piece of turquoise satin that I called my “silk” that made it’s way into every game and costume

90) My sister and I used to make up different words to popular songs

91) As a kid I hated Halloween, I thought it was embarrassing…by the age 19 I was finally getting into it

92) Now that I don’t work with Kay we hav3e a standing weekly lunch date to catch up on everything

93) Everything I’ve learned about computers has been on –the-job

94) my older used to “tickle-tackle” me and my defense was to grow fingernails and leave “Chinese marks” on his arms…sometimes drawing blood while I was at it

95) I was the first kid in my family to go to kindergarten.

96) At most of my jobs I have ended up training people- I’m pretty good at explaining things I guess

97) Since I have moved here I have met most of my friends through work

98) One time my mom got really mad at us because we wasted a whole roll of masking tape rolling it into a big ball

99) I usually only use the horn in my car if someone has actually put me in danger

100) My life theory is that the only thing you can control is yourself, so just concentrate on being the best person you can be.


Love and Peaches


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