100 things about me

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2004 at 8:04 A.M.

I've seen a couple oif people do this and thought it would be fun. Probably more fun for me than for you...but oh well....

1) I like freckles

2) I am addicted to Alias

3) I am Canadian

4) I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters

5) I hate writing in black ink

6) My house and cubicle are full of plants

7) I do not consider myself a “cat” person (no calendars or sweatshirts covered in kitties) but I do have 2 cats

8) I am a recent convert to eBay

9) I am a good cook, but rarely use recipes

10) I usually don’t make my bed

11) I have enough in my wardrobe that I can go a month without doing laundry

12) I talk to myself

13) I have 2 tattoos

14) I own the condo I live in

15) I used to be a hairstylist

16) I watch too much TV

17) Super Grover is my favorite Sesame Street character

18) I like old keys

19) I paint pottery

20) I like wind chimes

21) I go to school at night

22) I was born in 1974

23) My “porn name” is Maxi Montague

24) I have never been arrested

25) My living room is decorated in window frames

26) I knit

27) I love Fraggle Rock

28) I started walking at 8 months

29) I have been coloring my hair since I was 11. never the same color twice in a row

30) I have made 5 quilts

31) I grew up in a religious family

32) I don’t swear much unless I’m on my car, alone

33) My favorite shape is a star

34) I have a purple and blue streak in my hair

35) I got an “A” in college level Statistics, but I hate math

36) I won a drawing contest in the 3rd grade

37) I have never been out of north America

38) I spend all day Monday-Friday online

39) I have green eyes

40) I don’t have very good balance

41) In 12th grade my brother and I came in 2nd place in a disco dancing contest

42) I forget to floss

43) I like driving stick shift

44) I am a visual thinker

45) I recently started scrapbooking

46) I went a whole decade refusing to wear pink

47) I have never stayed over in the hospital (except for when I was born of course)

48) I make a mean beef jerky

49) I’m not awake until I shower

50) I have tried “Lamb Fries” (also known as prairie oysters) I felt guilty the whole time they digested

51) I love clean white snow

52) My earliest memory is from when I was 2 ½

53) I never leave the house with out polish on my toes

54) I own at least 50 pairs of shoes

55) I always misspell the word “little” when typing

56) Autumn is my favorite season

57) I like to watch the special features on DVDs

58) I have never had a boyfriend or date on Valentines day

59) I built a table-top garden

60) I like taking picture of falling down farm buildings

61) I like the air to be chilly when I’m sleeping

62) I own my own power tools

63) I have been downhill skiing only once

64) I have done “secret shopping”

65) I have dual citizenship

66) I love Welcome Back Kotter

67) I like to sleep on my couch on the weekends

68) I like to sculpt

69) I have never been engaged

70) I was in the naval reserves when I was 17

71) I like to stash crinkly candy-wrappers around my grandparents house for them to find after I’ve left

72) I like ketchup chips

73) I never wear the same make-up colors two days in a row

74) I never had braces

75) I have traveled more in the past 2 years than my whole life up to that point

76) I hate bananas

77) I don’t like most sports

78) I am a homebody

79) I only do my dishes once a week

80) I have glasses for reading

81) In my mind, days, weeks, months and years each have their own shape

82) I give good driving directions

83) I spend beyond my means

84) I like coloring in coloring books

85) I loved being a daycare teacher

86) I have a gargoyle

87) I once fell asleep at the beach and was sunburned so bad that I was physically ill for a week afterwards

88) I like road trips provided I have the right company and music

89) As a kid I had a piece of turquoise satin that I called my “silk” that made it’s way into every game and costume

90) I was a “Slivey Tove” in a jr high reenactment of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky

91) I sang a solo in a music festival in the 4th grade

92) I love planning Halloween costumes

93) I always lose my sunglasses

94) My favorite children’s book is Pickle-Chiffon Pie by Jolly Roger Bradfield

95) I have had a journal since I was 4 or 5

96) I used to have a cat names Elbow

97) I am right-handed

98) I like to play with scotch-tape while I’m on the phone at work

99) I still have my sticker collection from elementary school

100) My favorite poem is The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Well, you made it through the list! If there is anything here that seemed interesting to you, send me a note from my profile or email me at [email protected] and I'll add it to my topic list for future entries :)

Love and Peaches


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