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08.02.2022 at 4:31 PM

Someone said to me once that it was my fault that I chose him. I guess that was their way of trying to get me to shut up. But I did not choose a life knowing it would become this. Yes the choices I’ve made have gotten me here, but he was not like this, and I am sure I was different too.
At what point did we both begin to change, to move in different directions, to have different priorities. I probably should have left the first time I realized he was not who I thought he was, had sides I could not abide. But then I wouldn’t have her.
And now that I have her, I can’t rip her away while there is still some good. I have to put up with the bad, minimize it, try to help her see the folly in his ways, and my own, so she doesn’t end up in a relationship like this, without saying don’t end up in a relationship like this.

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