Asparagus Dreams

06.23.2022 at 4:20 PM

I had a dream about asparagus last night. Don’t remember anything else except there was asparagus. It was probably floating around in my brain because I have noticed a few wild asparagus ferns going to seed along my morning commute. Had thoughts of stopping and marking them so I know where to stop and look next spring, but I probably won’t.

My garden is doing well so far this year. I’ve moved some things around and tried a few different things, but my staples are tomatoes and pumpkins. I started a small strawberry patch last year also and so that is an ongoing project. And the new bed this year is the “three sisters” combo of corn, beans and pumpkins together. They seem to be doing well. The corn is about up to my waist and there are some pumpkin blossoms but no actual pumpkins yet. I’ll have to keep an eye on them and perhaps manually pollinate if it comes to that.

I have some “volunteer” plants too. The sunflowers that I did not plant but left alone to grow in my veggie patch are officially taller than me, while the ones I actually planted this year are not yet up to my hip. The forget-me-nots I planted in an east facing flower garden did not re-seed themselves in that nice location, but there is one growing in the middle of the gravel driveway. There is that quote from Jurassic Park that “nature finds a way” but I will have to argue that is it not always the easiest way.

We planted peas, carrots, and radishes together knowing that the radishes would finish first leaving room and then peas get pulled once they stop producing leaving room for the carrots to fill in. Seems about half the peas got carried off by birds or squirrels before sprouting (who simultaneously dropped the afore mentioned volunteer sunflowers in their spot) so there is a row of peas with a big gap in the middle and a now close to 6 foot sunflower. My daughter wanted to grow the peas. She likes frozen veggies and peas in soup and such, but I never serve them plain because her dad and I both don’t really care for them too much. She tried them once from the garden raw and once cooked and declared them “sgusting, so I guess I don’t have to grow those again. I have given away a few and if I get a bunch ready all at once I might bother with blanching and freezing them to be used in soup or something next winter.

We are in a funny little micro-climate zone because of the escarpment which put me basically two zones warmer than where I spent my highschool years at the other end of the lake, and my childhood home is several zones colder than that so I feel a little but of a foreigner when it comes to timing but it’s nice to feel like I have something productive in my yard.

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