the spectrum

05.13.2022 at 4:33 PM

I wonder if when you die you have a sudden awareness of everything that you misunderstood in your lifetime. Do you realize when you were wrong, see the hurt you caused, see the misguided feelings you held on to. Is it coupled with all the good, a sum of your existence? Or do you keep the same mind, the same mindset with no further clarity.

I’ve often though that hell is going to be a state of self-awareness, a feeling if guilt on an immortal scale of how bad of a person you were. I think that would be fair. Then people who tried to be kind and good and inadvertently may have caused paid would be in a better state than those who gain a full realization of their own selfishness and evil… and where would I fall in that spectrum.

bEfOrE ~ AftEr

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